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CREATIVITY is INVENTING, EXPERIMENTING, GROWING, TAKING RISKS, BREAKING RULES, MAKING MISTAKES AND HAVING FUN…..then add TRUE ARTISTIC EXPRESSION… and you will find a way to INSPIRE OTHERS and to COMMUNICATE ONESELF!    Enjoy the wonderful and creative works of art from our Elders here at Surrey Place.100_0255 IMG_1921 IMG_1906 IMG_1901 IMG_1913 IMG_1907

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Can you imagine the excitement of flying to Boston, going to the Boston Aquarium, whale watching, going to Cheers (where everyone knows your name), and then topping it all off with watching the Red Sox  play at Fenway Park? Not only did they get to see them play, they got to see them win!  Charles Hall, John Thomas, Gail Boylan (Director of Nursing) and Debra Cantrambone (Social Services Director) took in many of the sites of “Bean Town” and said it was amazing.  Charles Hall said, “it was a dream come true.”


Surrey Place takes the GOLD!  Each year, ACHA conducts their Health Inspection Survey, and this year Surrey Place Care Center is proud to receive a GOLD survey!  Special thanks to our hard working, professional and caring staff!


John Roberge, LPN was the big winner of the Gift Basket!  We all had a good laugh, because the basket was full of gifts for the ladies.  John graciously shared the basket with the other nurses (all female).  John’s a great guy and always a good sport!


In honor of National Nurses’ Week,  Chaplain Shanna Kirby met with our nurses and prayed for them and for the tremendous work that they do to care for our elders.  She was able to give each nurse a small white Bible donated by our local Gideons.  Our nurses are the best!


Marjorie Musgrove celebrated another milestone birthday on May 8th. She’s 101 years old!  Doesn’t she look fabulous?  She enjoyed a wonderful meal with her family at the Brown Lantern (who prepared her favorite Brown Lantern meal!), and later returned to Surrey Place for a birthday party honoring her big day.  Special thanks to the Not Brothers for entertaining us!

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The elders at Surrey Place wanted to participate in The National Day of Prayer on May 1st, so they invited our Mayor, Sonny Nobles and our Supervisor of Elections, Glenda Williams, along with Kathy Gallin, Signature Health Care’s  Director of Legislative Affairs and Bishop Henry Smart.  Everyone gathered outside, at 10:00 a.m. and joined in prayer for our country and our community.  Chaplain Shanna Kirby gave an inspiring message of hope for those who are suffering in our world; our country and in our nursing homes.  Deacon Charles Hall; Senior Chaplain Elsie Underwood and Iva Jo Law participated in leading the Lord’s Prayer and the Opening and Closing prayers.

How can you properly say thank you to the most faithful, selfless, compassionate and kind group of people who give of their time each month to volunteer at Surrey Place?   Surrey Place hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon today to honor the many wonderful volunteers who visit  and enrich the lives of our elders.  Many of the volunteers shared about how blessed they were to be a part of the Surrey Place family (many have been faithfully coming to volunteer for well over a decade).  Some started volunteering back in the ’80s when Surrey Place was built.  Over and over again we listened with pride as we heard that the atmosphere at Surrey was very homelike and that the staff were very compassionate and loving. We heard that one of the main reasons they continue to come and volunteer is that they felt that they made a difference in the lives of the elders. These are very special people–faithful people, as our Chaplain Shanna Kirby spoke about as she thanked the many churches who visit regularly.   One of the volunteers said that she comes to encourage and uplift the elders, but realized early on that she was the one being encouraged and uplifted.  Special thanks to our Dietary Department for the fabulous meal and a special thanks to Ms. Amanda and Ms. Emily for making the very thoughtful gifts.


It’s well-known (and scientifically proven) that interaction with a gentle, friendly pet has significant benefits, and if it’s your own pet, that makes it even better.  When one of our residents asked if she could bring Penny, her dachsund to Surrey to spend the night, the answer was a resounding”yes”! Penny was a joy for all of us.

As Surrey embarks on their Eden Alternative journey, we want to practice Principle #2: “An elder-centered community commits to creating a Human Habitat where life revolves around close and continuing contact with plants, animals and children.  It is these relationships that provide the young and old alike with a pathway to a life worth living.”

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