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Surrey Place Care Center hosted a Hall of Fame Café celebration on October 9th to honor elders at the local nursing home.  The purpose of the Hall of Fame program is to recognize the outstanding accomplishments and experiences of the center’s elders. Employees, volunteers, and community members are also honored for their contributions to the home and society as a whole.

This year’s honorees for Surrey Place were: Norman S. Anders, James Thompson, Denward Morgan, and Shanna D. Kirby.

“We stand to learn so much from the lives of our residents, and we would be remiss not to share these stories with as many people as possible,” said Administrator/CEO Brenda Lacy. “We’re proud to celebrate the accomplishments of these individuals, and we’re grateful to the community for supporting this event.”

Surrey Place Care Center is one of 123 locations operated by Louisville, Ky.-based Signature HealthCARE. Launched in 2003, the Hall of Fame event is hosted annually by each Signature home at different times throu ghout the year. In recent years, Signature has taken a different approach by having each center host its Hall of Fame ceremony on the same day, creating a synchronized, company-wide event.

“Our residents have given so much to their hometowns and our nation, and these contributions deserve to be celebrated,” said Signature President and CEO Joe Steier. “The Hall of Fame Café induction ceremonies are a small way for us to say ‘thank you.’”

For more information about the event, contact Brenda Lacy, Administrator at 386-364-5961.


Signature recently held its Hometown Film Festival, an annual event in which nursing home residents create original films to compete for funds to go on vacation. Scripts are largely written by nursing home residents, who also star in the films. In 2014, more than 25 films were submitting, including the one above by (facility name here).

We hope you enjoy!

SHC Hall of Fame

For those unable to attend a SHC Hall of Fame ceremony, we’re bringing the celebration to you with four sites that were selected to have their ceremonies broadcast live via our website.

On October 9, 2014, 99 Signature HealthCARE centers across the southeast and midwest will induct over 400 distinguished individuals into the Hall of Fame, in local ceremonies featuring celebrity speakers and presentations about the inductees lives and accomplishments.

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The Hall Of Fame is an innovative Quality of Life Program developed by Signature HealthCARE designed to honor the lives and accomplishments of our residents, stakeholders, volunteers, and others who have had such an impact on our centers, communities, and nation.

On October 9, 2014, 87 Signature HealthCARE centers across the southeast and midwest will induct over 350 distinguished individuals into the Hall of Fame, in local ceremonies featuring celebrity speakers and presentations about the inductees lives and accomplishments.

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Suwannee Bulldogs won the game Friday night at Paul Langford Stadium! It was a close game up until the end with a final score of 30-26.  A little rain couldn’t dampen our spirits.

The Surrey team attended the Regional Senior Olympics in Panama City Beach, Florida, where they competed with five sister facilities in the Panhandle along with special needs children.  We won the Silver Medal in USA Pong and took home a trophy for the best TEAM Camp!  Go Surrey Sharks!


The Suwannee High School NJROTC visited Surrey Place last week to help our elders make scarecrows. The young men and women from the NJROTC visit each month during the school year.  We look forward to next month when we carve pumpkins!


Brenda grew up in Lake City in a large family of eight. She moved away at the age of 22, and then  married the love of her life, Chris. He was in the US Navy, then moved to California, and then Texas where Brenda received her BS in dietetics and a master’s degree in healthcare administration. After working as a Regional Dietitian, Brenda wanted to do more for patients in the post-acute settings, so she moved back to Lake City and became an administrator. She loves to work with the geriatric population and was excited when this position became available.

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Mr. James Thompson, an elder at Surrey Place, accepted the position of Senior Chaplain for his neighborhood at Surrey.  Elder Chaplain Thompson will offer spiritual support  through prayer and encouragement.  Mr. Thompson is a wonderful prayer warrior and we are blessed to have him assist.  Shanna Kirby, Chaplain and Tim Hill, Regional Chaplain Director, presented Mr. Thompson with a Senior Chaplain Certificate.  His wife, peers, and staff were on hand to witness the giving of the certificate.

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Surrey Place has been accepted on the Eden Registry and it simply means we are making a public commitment to strive for the principles and practices of the Eden Alternative.  Being on the Registry is a way of honoring those who would undertake the hard work of transforming institutional-like nursing homes into warm, human habitats.  Surrey Place is committed to eliminating loneliness, helplessness, and boredom, which are plagues to our elders.  We are on a journey to create home for our elders so that they can continue to have lives worth living.

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