Emma Green Celebrates Her 100th Birthday

Emma Green turned 100 years old on December 14, 2014 and enjoyed a special party with her friends at Surrey Place. Her daughter visited to share in the festivities. Emma was the middle child of eight children and grew up in the Goldridge, Alabama community.

She came from a poor family in a small community, and when the school closed down she went to work as a seamstress at Sewell Manufacturing and later at Lee Company (Lee Jeans). She married Hershell G. Green, a farmer, in 1936.

She always had a desire to teach and attended college at night and during the summer in the late 50s. After this, she taught elementary school and continued her education. She later graduated in 1967 from the University of Alabama.

When asked what was the secret to living a long life, her daughter told us that they lived off the farm–fresh vegetables and very little meat, no smoking or drinking, and that they came from a lineage of longevity.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Emma!