National Nurses & Nursing Home Week 2011 (Day 4)

Pirate Dress Contest Winners - L to R: Teri (Activity Director), David (Staff Dvlpmt/Risk Mgmt/RN)

Thursday, May 12th / Pirate Dress Contest

2:00 – Scavenger Hunt for staff & residents

Scavenger Hunt Rules:
1.  Must be a team of one staff and one resident
2.  All items are located in the Courtyard
3.  No items can be substituted
4.  Each team must pick-up only one of each item
5.  No team may hide items from other teams

Winner: First team to present bag with all items (or) After 30 minutes, first team to present the most items. Items collected can be  presented at any time before deadline. The team with the most items and fastest time wins!

Scavenger Hunt List: White plastic spoon, playing card, small toothpick windmill, large toothpick streamer, small green plastic cup, green plastic toy soldier, salamander, dice, green paper clip, blue thumb tack, birthday candle, mini pompom ball, basketball sticker, smiley face sticker, star sticker, puffy heart sticker, owl sticker, frog sticker, purple balloon