Surrey Place Has Christmas Communion


Recently the elders at Surrey Place Care Center enjoyed a Christmas Communion together. Chaplain Larry Geiger shared a devotion with the theme of “Preparing Our Hearts” for Christmas Communion. Scriptures were shared to help the elders prepare to accept communion. As Chaplain Geiger finished with prayer, the room filled with silence inviting God to bless the elders, especially during the holiday season. The communion elements were offered. A conclusion prayer ended the devotion. As the elders were being rolled back to their rooms, an elder could be overheard, “Ok, now I am ready for Christmas to come!”

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The Value of a Chaplain

Mr. H, a 91-year-old gentleman, came to Surrey last week for short-term rehab. We had a wonderful conversation as I completed his Spiritual Assessment.

His sons were present, and we did a lot of reminiscing once we discovered that we were both from New York, loved ‘Yankee’ foods (Sabrette hot dogs, New York pizza and potato knishes), and that my grandmother worked at a restaurant in Queens called Bickfords, which he often frequented.

I also learned that he was a practicing Catholic and would welcome a visit from Father Andy. Conveniently, our Catholic Church is next door to Surrey.

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Joy, the Spirit of Christmas.

On Dec. 7, 2013, Surrey Elders, and some of the staff had

great time at the parade.  The Bible says, “Serve the Lord

with gladness”, and boy were we glad!!! From clapping,

smiling, cheering, to watching the children enjoy the

sites.  We all had a fun, hand clapping, Spirit of

Christmas time!!!


Surrey Place honors caregivers with ‘Blessing of the Hands’ ceremony

I have been amazed by the response of my staff this week, as we did ‘Blessing of the Hands ceremony.’ The Lord gave me a poem to read to them. I asked them to meet me in the chapel, and as I read the poem and reminded them that God sees their labor and the work they do is appreciated, the tears were falling.

From nursing and housekeeping to dietary, God touched each and every one of them. I followed up by going there at 10:00 p.m. Thursday night. They were thankful and happy to receive prayer and blessings. One CNA texted me after I got home and thanked me. She said it was just what she needed.

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That’s your Armor!

I was thinking the other day about David in 1 Samuel 17:38, about how that when  went up to fight against Goliath the Philistine. King Saul put his armor on David to fight the battle. David said to King Saul, “I cannot wear your armor, it’s too big, but I know what works for me.  I have a sling and a stone, and I have already proven it!” In other words, David was saying, this works for me. My point is, what works for you, may not work for me, and on the other hand, what works for me, may not work for you.  Just remember, what you do is important. Keep working and do it all unto the Lord, and either way, it will work!

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